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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Who would keep the nation safe?



Let me break it to all of you softly; Our problems cannot just be solved by increasing border security, scaring the crap out of Americans, and claiming that those radical terrorists are everywhere, so be on the lookout.

No, we can only solve it by creating a network that not only negotiates with foreign countries, but also increases world opinion of our country. Only Barack Obama offers that.

Second, McCain supports the continuation of ignoring talks with countries we don't agree with--that is a failed plan that can only lead to war.

Third, Obama is extremely favored by the world, compared to our nation. In fact, one national poll suggests an 80% approval rate for Obama to be our next president.

Some would argue its because they know Obama is weak (?? PROVE THAT) BUt I would argue that it is because they know that for once, we will have a leader that is reasonable, sane, and ready to work with our nation, here at home, and fix the economy, thereby helping the economy of multiple allies. They also know that Obama will work with the world on peaceful terms, but will maintain a strike force in the middle east, while pulling troops back home.

His plan is the right one. Fall behind Obama, or fall behind.

Your choice.

But remember this-- Our nation was founded under the principles of liberty, freedom, and opportunity. Remember that the next time you thin about a candidate...and don't vote based on fear, or bigotry. Don't claim obama is a muslim radical, etc.

RESEARCH AND MAKE AN "INFORMED" decision. Not one based on rumors, and ideas rooted in racism and darkness.

Think about our future...The youth support Obama for a reason...

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