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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The most amazing list of...


A list that can actually be useful!

The Mashable! Team has made a site that lists multiple links to thousnads of pages.

My favorites:

A link to 400+ different Fire-fox extensions, all listed into sub categories, and all described.

A link to 300+ resources for helping you run your blog!

A link to Multiple Social Program addons like Digg, and ways to increase your stats in those sites.

A link to over 500 other things that will increase efficiency and allow you to really get a move on in life!

You think you can live without it? I think not. Life is too short and too important to waste time looking for these things individually. Make it easier on yourself, and provide your dreams more time to flourish--start using this compendium of resources today.

Find them by going to
The Best Site Compendium Ever!
It is true, you don't have to go to the page. After all, you have nothing to lose...but gained life.

Happy hunting,


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