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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thoughts on Iraq

I may only be 18...

But I think I know when to say enough is enough.

Iraq has been a thorn in our side for over five years, causing both Democrats and Republicans to get in heated debate over when, if to end the war in Iraq.
And where has that gotten us?

Absolutely no where.

We are still in Iraq, we still have soldiers dropping like flies, and our highest commanders are still telling us that we are making huge progress in Iraq.

Huge progress?

Could someone define that?

Because, as far as I can tell, we seem to be going absolutely no where.

Yes, someone might say, well, you don't really know much, you haven't been over there! To that, I reply, I can tell when something has been botched so bad that virtually every other country in the world is starting to back away from the situation, whistling, like some felix the cartoon cartoon.

Dear lord.

Maybe one day your children will learn...
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